Our Olive Oil

Clos du Lac has over 130 olive trees of different varieties scattered throughout the community in seven separate olive groves. For many years these trees were enjoyed as a landscaping feature and added to the feel of our French styled community.

In early 2009, the Olive Committee was first formed and harvested the first crop of olives to make olive oil in the winter of 2009/10. The following year our second crop was harvested which again produced a very high quality olive oil. Over 700 bottles were sold to neighbors and friends from the first two harvests.

The oil produced from our Community trees is an excellent full-bodied, robust, green flavored, gourmet, extra-virgin olive oil. We take the olives straight to the presser in Oroville to be custom pressed within twenty-four hours of harvest.

During 2017 the Olive Committee is trying a new approach with regard to fighting the olive fruit fly (O.F.F.). Olive growers here and in Europe continue to be plagued with this pest that feeds on the olives and can destroy the fruit. Some of the olive groves will have yellow ball traps containing torula yeast dissolved in water. This combination will act as an attractant that traps the fly to help minimize damage to the fruit. The balance of the trees will be sprayed as has been done in the past.

It is typical for olive trees to produce more fruit every other year. With last year’s crop small, the Committee is hoping for a larger crop to harvest in late 2017.

For questions or additional information about our Clos du Lac Olive Oil, please contact Sue Wesselius at 916.660.1751.